MILAN, 21 – 23 FEBRUARY 2024

For the second year in a row, LUBING GreenTec is participating in this trade show dedicated exclusively to industry professionals.

The new Multi-Pump Station for greenhouse fogging systems was presented at the fair and attracted great interest. Compared to its competitors, it stands out for its ease of installation and operation. Thanks to its innovative design, once in operation, it requires little maintenance and ensures optimal performance over time. Thus, this Multi-Pump Station is an affordable and reliable solution for anyone in need of an efficient fogging system.

During this international event, visitors showed considerable interest in the Pad Climate, an evaporative greenhouse cooling system, and even more so in the Plastic Panel (LUBING GreenTec was the only exhibitor to offer it) as it represents a significant upgrade over the paper panel.

Greenhouse, ornamental plant, fruit and vegetable producers were able to learn more about how the Top Climate fogging cooler works, which can be used with forced or natural ventilation.

LUBING GeenTec also advised operators on the best technology to adopt, depending on the type of cultivation: Pad Climate or Top Climate .