LUBING GreenTec Pad-Cooling with plastic pads
LUBING GreenTec Pad-Cooling with plastic pads

Pad-Cooling systems are well known for greenhouse cooling and humidifying but plastic pads are relative new.

The most common question is whether plastic pads can produce the same level of air cooling as traditional paper pads. In short, the answer is yes.

With the LUBING GreenTec plastic pad you will receive the same cooling and humidity results as with paper pads.

But the different is that you need less energy for the ventilation!

The special layout of solid surfaces and mesh structures (patented design) ensures ideal water distribution through the pad with less pressure drop compared to paper pads.

This allows for proper wetting and less splashing, resulting in highly efficient cooling capacity in hot climate regions.

The use of highly resistant polymer sheets in combination with thermal welding guarantees best stability and a long service life.

And this allows the plastic pad could be easily cleaned with high pressure cleaner without damaging the pads.

This also increase the long service life compared to paper pads.

Also the use of UV-stabilizing additives ensures an outstanding resistance to UV light for years. And the requirements for water quality are very low.

LUBING GreenTec offers also a high-pressure Fogging-System for cooling and humidifying of greenhouses.

The combination with the Pad-System and the Fogging-System can increase the cooling capacity to a maximum in very hot climatic regions.

Pad-Cooling combined with Fogging-System for maximum cooling
Pad-Cooling combined with Fogging-System for maximum cooling