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LUBING GreenTec fogging systems are designed to take advantage of the principle of direct evaporative cooling in order to reduce the temperature and increase the humidity of greenhouse air.

This contributes significantly to creating ideal conditions for plant and flower growth.

With this innovative technology, a controlled environment can be maintained that promotes healthy and vigorous plant development, ensuring optimal growth and lush flowering.

LUBING GreenTec fogging systems are the perfect solution for those who want to achieve outstanding results in plant and flower cultivation, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment.

Advanced design has resulted in a system that is extremely easy to assemble and maintain.

Although some fogging systems require the use of osmotized water to ensure optimal operation, with LUBING fogging there is no need to worry about this detail and can also operate with regular water, making installation and maintenance even easier.

In addition, the components are made of high-quality materials that ensure a long service life.


LUBING GreenTec Fogging-Systems use the principle of direct evaporative cooling for effective cooling and humidification of the ambient air, thus making a significant contribution to optimum growth conditions.

• Optimum cooling performance and homogeneous distribution of moisture due to 70 bar water pressure and special high-pressure nozzles: To achieve rapid evaporation of the water mist and thus good cooling performance without wetting, the water drops must be smaller than 20 micrometers. The GreenTec high-pressure nozzles produce a drop size of only 5 micrometers.

Reduction of irrigation

Increase yields through stable humidity and associated increased plant production: Stable humidity in the greenhouse helps plants keep
the stomata open for a stable supply with nutrients.

Easy to install

Possibility to control the different areas of the greenhouse separately

Uncompromising quality and reliability


Mist system
Fog system LUBING GreenTec
Pressure, bar/psi
7 bar or 100 psi
70 bar or 1.000 psi
Droplet size
Large, “rain effect” 65 – 100 µ
Small, “fog effect” 5 – 15 µ
Cooling effect
Very low
Very high
Water consumption
Very high (up to 37 l / h / nozzle)
Low (5 l / h / nozzle)
Evaporation speed
Low (only 10 – 20%, the rest falls like rain)
Very high (80 – 99%)
Waterfall cooling
Evaporative cooling
Wet floor, plants, walls, internal equipment
Not significant
Plastic, cheap, short-lived, too much wear
Stainless steel, durable, long lasting
Low cost
Fungal diseases, crop/yield loss
Very low

Mist system

Fog system

Why choose the Fog system

The comparison between Fog and Mist cooling systems has always been a debated topic among greenhouse owners.

Many choose the Mist system for its lower price, but in some countries where it has been tried in recent years, significant problems have arisen.

After damaging crops and wasting money, many greenhouse owners now much prefer the Fog system.

With Mist the results did not live up to expectations and caused considerable economic damage.

Mist system:

  • powdery mildew
  • in the production of tomatoes and roses
  • too much humidity in the greenhouse

Mist system:

  • low humidity
  • withered leaves
  • low light absorption
  • low photosynthesis
  • low yields

It is important to carefully consider the risks and benefits of both systems before making a decision.

Although the price may be attractive, it is essential to carefully evaluate the potential negative consequences that could arise from the use of the Mist system.

It is better to invest in a more reliable and effective Fog cooling system to ensure the safety of your crops and your company’s profits in the long term.


Greenhouse fogging pump station LUBING GreenTec

Pump station

• modular stainless steel construction

• up to 8 pumps units per pump station possible

• with 3 different pump sizes freely selectable

• variable pressure up to 100 bar

• pumps with variable speed

• flow rates up to 600 l/min suitable for

• greenhouses up to 10 ha

• motor mounted frequency controller for optimal ventilation

Pump unit D-Line

• pump unit with direct drive

• supply several sections with one pump unit

Filter unit

• central filter unit for particle-free water


• solenoid valve for separate activation of different areas

• easy installation – also on existing systems

Touch Controller

• interactive controller for the control and monitoring of the pump unit

• easy handling via touchscreen

Nozzle line with nozzle

• stainless steel tube (6 m) with welded adapter and stainless steel nozzle

Cutting ring coupling and Press Fix made of stainless steel

• cutting ring coupling for secure connection of the nozzle lines

• Press Fix: joint unit – just set in and press to fit