Pad Climate System
Evaporative Panel


The greenhouse climate control system using the evaporative panel LUBING GreenTec is used in all situations requiring a highly efficient cooling system and can be used in many contexts.


The LUBING Pad-Climate-System is used in areas where highly efficient cooling is required. It can be used for many different cooling purposes.

The technology of evaporative cooling

Water is transported through the system from a pump station and directed onto the pads from above via a water distribution pipe and the deflector.

The water then flows over the corrugated surface of the pads. Some of the water evaporates due to the warm and dry air flowing through the pads.

The remaining water is used to clean the pads and flows back to the supply unit via a water channel system.

The thermal energy required for evaporation is obtained directly from the air. Therefore, the air coming out of the pads is cooled and humidified at the same time – without any additional external energy supply for the evaporation process.

The Pad-System is available with plastic or paper pads in different sizes and power levels.


• easy installation thanks to the newly designed clip profiles

• no corrosion – all parts made of PVC or stainless steel

• the water gutter contains the entire water requirement for the system; no external water tank is needed

• ideal water distribution over the entire pad length due to the newly designed deflector with integrated hinge system

• newly designed water trough: rodent-proof cover, perfect water recirculation

• robust centrifugal water pumps available in different sizes and different voltages

1. Water distribution

• special distribution pipes for paper and plastic pads

• newly developed deflector

• even water distribution over the whole pad length

2. Ball valves

• 2“ ball valve in line for fine adjustment of water quantity

• 1“ ball valve (T-piece) for adjustment of permanent water drain (bleed-off)

3. Deflector

• newly developed deflector profile with integrated hinge system

• easy access, quick inspection and easier cleaning possibility

4. Clip function

• all profiles with clip function for easy attachment to the pipe holder

• high stability due to pad guides

• easy exchange of pads

5. Water gutter

• water gutter for complete water demand of the system – no external water tank necessary

• holder for fixing the water gutter to the wall or floor

6. Supply unit

• delivery completely assembled

• including integrated flushing adapter for thorough flushing of the system

• float valve for constant water level in the system

7. Water pumps

• centrifugal pumps with integrated filter and 2“ pipes

• Pumps available in three different sizes and with different voltages for different system lengths (see back side)

8. Water gutter cover

• perfect water recirculation thanks to newly designed pad supports

• rodent proof

• optional splash protection profile available for plugging on