D-LINE Pumps for Fogging
Stainless steel pumping unit

D-LINE Pumps
for greenhouse fogging systems

D-Line pumping units for fogging systems include the basic components:

  • motor
  • pump
  • pressure regulator
  • pressure switch
  • pressure gauge
  • switch box

Direct-drive pump unit, one pumping unit can feed several nozzle sections of the fogging system.

Individual adaptation of systems to one’s needs has become even easier and more flexible thanks to the new modules.

The optionally available wall mounting kit allows the new vibration-free pump series to be mounted on the wall.

Flexible integration of optional special functions can be achieved with separate add-on modules.

Advantages of D-LINE Pumps for greenhouse humidification

Additional pump unit

With our new pump, designed for a flow rate of up to 70 l/min, it is possible to feed up to 800 nozzles with a water pressure of 70 bar.

This means that up to about 12,000 m² of greenhouse surface area can be humidified.

To ensure that the increased water flow rate reaches the pump cleanly, the LUBING GreenTec product range has been expanded with two additional 1″ filter units.

Larger diameter hoses are also now available for pressure-side water distribution. This minimizes pressure losses.

The product expansion has been complemented by additional accessories adapted for attaching and suspending nozzle lines.

Additional modules

In addition to improving the accessibility of the modules, they can now be retrofitted more easily into existing systems.

Valve couplings of optional modules are guided into the Touch Control during on-site installation and connected there as well.q

Technical data

Rated pressure of all pump units: 70 bar (1000 psi)

* Without losses over pressure regulator (bypass).
** Flow rates below the lower limit can cause overheating and damage the pump unit.
*** Approximate values: applicable for the nozzles 7340/7341/7344 at 70 bar (ca. 5,3 l/h per nozzle). Values below this range can cause damages.


Flow rate by number of nozzles