Conveyor Belt
Curve Conveyor


For many companies, the conveyance of products is of central importance.

Many years of practical application experience with LUBING Conveyor-Systems confirm our leading position worldwide.

Due to the different house arrangements, a tailor-made individual solution is usually required.

We will be pleased to provide you with an individual design for the optimum Conveyor- System to meet your requirements.

The central element of the curve conveyor: the conveyor chain

The conveyor chain runs on a high-strength plastic sliding profile.

It consists of two hardened outer chains with welded-on rods.

The rods are arranged in one plane at the standard chain to make the transfer to the conveyor chain smooth and direct..

The straight conveyor section of the curve conveyor is composed of connecting elements which are 1 m, 2 m or 3 m long.

The side profiles and the cross-struts are made of anodized aluminum. All plastic sliding profiles and guide elements are wear-resistant and can be replaced in the existing system if necessary.

Please refer to the separately available > Overview „Conveyor Chains“ to determine the possible incline/ decline of the respective chains.. 


• highest functional reliability with minimum maintenance requirements

• a unit construction system with elements designed to cope with any imaginable spot requirements, all kinds of curves, large differences in height and distances

• conveying widths from 200 mm to 750 mm

• high conveying capacities per hour

• optimum rentability

1. End pieces

• simple and safe deflection of the conveyor chain at the end via guide rollers

2. Pivoting unit

• enables inclines or declines in the conveyor system

• infinitely adjustable for inclines and declines

3. Intermediate drive

• for conveyors over approx. 50 m

• for large plants several intermediate drives can be used

4. Connecting element

• available in closed and laterally open version

• the open sections are used at transfers with dirt collection plates

5. Front drive

• Main drive for the conveyor chain

• with integrated tensioning element for correct chain tensioning

6. Bend

• standard designs in 180°, 90°, and 45° bends

• on request production of bends in all conceivable degrees

7. Guide unit

• for optimal distribution of products on the conveyor chain

• creates space for additional products in case of further transfers

8. Electric drip oiler

• fornisce regolarmente alle maglie esterne della catena di trasporto una pellicola d‘olio che ne prolunga la durata

• La lubrificazione manuale non è più necessaria.

9. Multiple drive

• specially designed for multitier systems

• one motor with one main drive shaft drives several conveyor lines simultaneously