PAD CLIMATE Evaporative Panel for Greenhouses

The LUBING system for the evaporative panel is used in all situations where a high efficiency system is required. This is a natural cooling system.

TOP CLIMATE fogging for Greenhouses

It uses the principle of direct evaporative cooling to effectively cool and humidify the ambient air, thus making a significant contribution to optimal growth conditions.

CURVE CONVEYOR Belt for Greenhouses

Variations on the arrangement of the greenhouses and the system always require a tailor-made solution: a modular construction system with elements designed and conceived to meet any type of imaginable request, such as all types of curves, heights and distances.


Nipple drinkers ideal for broiler chickens, laying hens, breeders, ducks, turkeys and poultry in general.

Egg conveyors that allow to move eggs in a completely automated way and are able to adapt to practically all poultry sheds.

Farm cooling that makes the most of the characteristics of the water to create a cool environment, with the right level of humidity and a reduced presence of dust in the air, to raise healthy and robust animals.